A Little Bit About Aster:

Aster was born here in Cape Breton . She is the daughter of Thistle and Hamish. We knew we would keep a female from Thistle's first litter; however, when my daughter accidentally dropped Aster as a small puppy her tail was broken, and the choice of what puppy to keep was made! When Aster is happy her entire body wags...not sure if that is because of her crooked tail. She is an odd little dog. My daughter claimed her as a puppy (possibly feeling a little guilty about dropping her) and named her "Aster" because she felt we needed to stick with the botanical theme? Anyway, Aster is very sweet and happy, but does not like to come too close to people until she is 100% sure of them (again possibly PTSD from being dropped)! We were not planning to breed Aster until 2020, but "accidents happen" and Finlay had other ideas. Now we have five beautiful and healthy puppies! Aster has been a good mother, but not quite as doting as Thistle. When Aster would leave her puppies to eat or go outside they might still be suckling. There would be puppies strewn everywhere, and she has no idea how to retrieve them. It's a good thing I have nothing better to do than sweep up puppies whenever necessary! lol