A Little Bit About Finlay:

Finlay is the newest addition to our Scottie family. He flew back with me from the U.K. in August 2018. Unlike my other Scotties, Finlay loves to be the centre of attention and likes to be under my feet or on my lap. He is smart, happy and loves to please.  My daughter says he likes to "talk with his hands" because he gets so excited and hops around on his back legs while trying to give high fives! Finlay loves everyone and everything. We run a boarding  kennel, and Finlay is the dog I will choose to play with a boarder who may be either very energetic or a little shy.  From the beginning, Finlay has wanted to be loved and to love. He will come when called, follow me around the farm while I do my chores and sit on my lap with his head resting on my arm. His favourite pastime is irritating our small herd of goats, and thankfully they do not take him seriously!