A Little Bit About Thistle:

Thistle was my birthday gift from my late husband, and she was flown over from the U.K. with my step-daughter when she came for a visit in June 2016. From day one I knew she was smart. Within one week she was housetrained and recall was almost instantaneous. A dog agility club was meeting at our property twice weekly, so my daughter thought it might be fun to try agility with Thistle. Having such short legs we thought they would be the comic relief team, but Thistle was a natural; both athletic and  eager to please. When Thistle became pregnant in the spring of 2018 my daughter didn't feel comfortable asking her to exert too much energy running and jumping, so she turned into a couch potato. Thistle was a natural mother; delivering all seven puppies without issue and knowing exactly what to do. She loved motherhood; even wanting to be with them when the puppies were eating solid food and no longer suckling.  She is a very sweet dog. Each night Thistle curls up on the end of my bed, and as soon as I wake up in the morning she crawls closer to me, flips over onto her back, and waits for a tummy rub. She is not a dog to be under my feet or on my lap or jumping up at people.She is very calm and well behaved and just likes to be close.