A Little Bit About Hamish:

Hamish joined our family in November 2016 when he flew over from the U.K. with my brother-in-law who came for a visit. Hamish is unusual. He is a gorgeous dog, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Because Thistle was so good at dog agility we thought it would be fun to have Hamish join the club as well. Considering he couldn't figure out how to jump over his water dish to exit his dog house we should have known Hamish was not going to be an agility star! Unlike Thistle, his recall took quite some time to establish, and he was once picked up by the SPCA five kilometres from home trotting along quite happily in his tartan jacket. We have no idea where he was going! Another time we were visiting friends in town and had Hamish tethered to their doorstep. In the time it took us to unclip him and walk to our vehicle, he was gone. After forty-five minutes of combing the neighbourhood and calling for him we found him on a nearby street corner with an adoring crowd who already had his photo posted on the local lost dog site! Like Thistle, Hamish likes to be in your company, but not on top of you or getting under your feet. Hamish is very quiet and gentle; rarely barks and will slowly take food from your hand. He loves children and hates chickens! At night he prefers to sleep on clothing under my bed, and when I wake up he will make an odd yawning noise to let me know he's ready to get up whenever I am.